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Mary Bill's Café and Elbow Room

BLT's....Eggs.....Pasta Salad....Deviled Eggs....Pancakes.....Perfect Sunday Lunch! Mary Bill's Café and Elbow Room is a small eclectic restaurant sitting in a hidden area of Eutaw Shopping Center. As you enter, you walk directly into tables and chairs and the cozy nature reminds you of eating at Grandma's. The cute décor and home-style dining tables invite the young and old for a taste of simple classic American cuisine. I invited my mother along on this food journey. It was the perfect after church spot to catch up on the weekly canard. :)

Our waitress was nice and honest. She told us we might not like the chicken salad....but we definitely would like the pancakes. lol We all ordered something different so that we could pass plates around and sample each other's food. The one thing I noticed right off hand was the menu. The menu boldly stated which items were made by Mary Bill herself. I thought that was extremely cute. You go to a lot of mom and pop eateries and you never know who makes what and it was even more exciting to know that she made all of the cakes and sweets. :)

Sunday afternoon was pretty busy. We were able to get a table as soon as we walked in, but the wait to get food was a tad bit long. During the in between time they kept the coffee flowing. If you like being in the presence of people without the loudness and overbearing music of some places, then Mary's is just for you. The atmosphere is very calm and serene. This is the type of place that you come to enjoy your company and talk without distractions. The food arrived hot and it looked very inviting. My son who is a bacon LOVER......scratch that......He is a bacon fanatic.........most definitely enjoyed his BLT.

My sister Danielle's Burger was ok. It was your standard burger. I wish she would have tried something different. If you have family members who always eat burgers no matter where they go then this burger will be just fine for them.

Jacob's and Meme's pancakes were my absolute favorite item. The pancakes were soft and fluffy but crispy buttery edges were just like grandma g used to make them. They were extremely good. The only thing I needed was some fresh whipped topping and strawberries.

The waitress mentioned that the corned beef hash was know that's exactly what I went for as my meal. You had the choice to get your egg however you like it for the topping of your corned beef bundle of love.....I'm an over easy type of girl and the gooeyness of the egg was the perfect match for the dried corned beef.

Overall, Mary Bill's Café & Elbow Room is a great place to come with your family. The atmosphere was peaceful...the place was clean...and its solid American food. You can't go wrong with fresh cracked eggs. A lot of places use the bagged eggs and they taste horrible. Instead of spending 12.00 for the bagged eggs....get the fresh eggs for 8.00 at Mary Bills!!

Check Mary Bill's out for your next breakfast or lunch.

They are open :

Mon - Fr i7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Sat 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Sun8:00 AM - 1:30 PM

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