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Dorothy's Catering 2 is a family owned and locally operated business. A dream and a vision started Dorothy McEachern on a journey to become not just a chef but genius in her craft. She was a vibrant woman and it showed in her culinary creations. Dorothy's family was her driving force and she worked hard to make sure that they saw that there was always a light at the end of the tunnel if you work hard and keep your faith in God. Dorothy passed away in 2012 but her legacy continues today. Our team is still comprised of several family members and friends we consider family. A taste of our food is taste of love and true american history.

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Phone:  910.302.1871

Dorothy McEachern



Dorothy McEachern started Dorothy's Catering more than 30 years ago after the formation of a regular cooking class and school. Dorothy was also the Head Chef for Snyder Memorial Baptist Church in Fayetteville North Carolina.

Sadly, Dorothy passed unexpectedly in 2012. Her protege and granddaughter, Jelisa Montalvo, was trusted with her catering business and continues to operate it today.


Jelisa Montalvo


Jelisa has been working as an apprentice of Dorothy's since she was a young girl. From baking to frying, and everything in between, Jelisa's passion for food and devotion to the legacy is the very essence of what makes her a powerhouse in the kitchen. Jelisa uses the cookbooks that have "Nana's" favorite recipes in them and offers cooking classes to local schools and directs culinary summer camps for middle school students.


Since 2012, Jelisa has grown Dorothy's Catering 2 into one of the premier catering companies on the eastern seaboard.

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