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Happy New Year! Thank you!

What a year! I don't know about you all but this year has been extremely challenging. The ups and the downs have been a whirlwind but the rainbow is OHHH so beautiful in the end. I am so excited to share that 2018 made the 6th anniversary of Dorothy's Catering 2. We have been doing this for 6 years since Nana passed away. My, my, my, I never thought that we would make it past the first year but we have and I am so grateful for opportunity and grace. I want all of our customers to know that we love you. We are blessed for those who have stuck by our side since day one. You are the fuel that keeps us going and your faith in Dorothy's Catering 2 is not taken for granted. Thank you for having a seat at the Dorothy's table. I pray that our traditions and food will stick with you and your families for generations to come.

To the Dorothy's Catering 2 Staff and Support Crew: Thank you for an amazing year. Daniell, Craig, and Sonya, you all have rocked it out for me in so many ways. I really don't know where I would be with out your love and eagerness to help. Daniell, girl, no words can express how grateful I am for you and your leadership. Thank you. Brandon, thank you for your amazing marketing and problem solving abilities. My friend, I didn't know I would need so much legal advice. HAHA! Happy Birthday by the way.

Family, especially my children: I know that I work unspeakable hours and I can't get to everyone like I should but I love you with all of my heart. We are family and there is nothing that will ever replace that. I am so proud of all of you. LETS KICK 2019's butt!

Snyder Family: Thank you for your love and support. Your patience with me is not taken lightly. I love you all.

EVERYONE!! Make this new year better than ever. Love each other, support each other, and lets make Fayetteville even better. If we ain't serving, then I don't know what we are doing. :)


Just Lisa

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