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Food Truck Wednesday Anyone?

If you don't know by now....I love food and I love supporting local food. Yes, I have my own catering business but why not support and promote others? I think that if we as foodies/food industry people don't stick together then we are definitely doing ourselves a disservice. How self absorbent would I be not to give credit where credit is due?*rant over* :) Anywhoo, We noticed several people posting pics and tags that referenced a Food Truck Rally during lunch time at Festival Park. You know I jumped on it.....but I jumped on it on the wrong day. I went downtown on a Thursday looking for trucks and I found only one at the Systel building downtown. I was highly disappointed. :( So, I did a little more research and I found out the Food Truck Rally is held every Wednesday until October between the hours of 11 and 2. I think it's an amazing idea and although it does take away from the restaurants who reside downtown, I believe that holding it one day out of the week won't hurt anyone's pockets in a severe way.

My staff and I headed down to Festival Park on last Wednesday and we weren't disappointed. The trucks were lined up and busting with anxious customers (like myself) wanting food that you can only get off of a truck. There is just something that makes food taste better when you know it has been cooked in small square space. lol.

The trucks consisted of:

The staff at the Blind Pig were hands down the best at the event. After purchasing a few items from each truck we sat down at a picnic table on the side of the park next to the CEED tent. The Blind Pig's staff came over and checked on us several times to see how we enjoyed our food and even offered us a sample of their divine bbq. The owner(father) of the two employees even came over and sat with my crew and we talked about how they started and what their plans were for the future. They had no idea who I was and they treated every customer with respect and care. You can't beat southern hospitality like that. Good people who are on the hustle to make things happen the right and sincere way.

We enjoyed all of our food. The bourbon burger from Elite Catering was amazing. Fresh ingredients! Leander loved his pulled pork burrito from the blind pig. The sauces were all made from scratch. Cant beat that. Daniell loved the passion fruit drink from Dahn's Kitchen. Alvin enjoyed his burger from Bold Flavors. Overall our experience was great and we definitely will be back.

Check out the next Food Truck Wednesday tomorrow 11-2 at Festival Park.

More food pics from the event:

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