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Support-What does that actually mean?

Sitting here at the laundry mat in key west....people watching as always...... Some are staying to watch over their laundry to ensure that no one steals their clothes. Others are dropping their clothes off and leaving, maybe because they have other chores to get done. There is an Hispanic guy in the corner folding cook uniforms. Me being me I inquired about the restaurant he worked for and he informed me that he didn't work at a restaurant. He was simply supporting his sister by helping her with the crew uniforms. It's the least he could do because she sacrificed so much to help him through college. Now that's support. No matter how little the task we may see it as, the fact that he sacrificed time he could have been somewhere else to help his sister shows that he appreciates her sacrifice. He was so proud to say he was doing it for her. My mom has a brother who is the exact same way....she could call for a toothbrush being out of place and he will come running. She is important to him. He loves her. Support comes in many forms. I'm starting to see as I get older, that your true loves sacrifice to be with you and support you. Family and friends coming to your kids games...that's support. Attending awards ceremonies for those you love....that's support. Buying goods from small businesses....that's support. Picking up your sisters laundry.....that's support. Making a phone call or sending a message....that's support. I'm striving to be a better supporter myself. I want those that I care about to know that I love them and I want them to succeed. A few years ago I purchased books for my friends first year of grad school. He sends me a letter once a month to tell me that he is thankful and that he appreciates the support. I didn't do it for the thanks. I wanted him to succeed. I wanted him to do well. So I supported my friend. If you have a friend that struggles with depression. Don't let that friend get in that ugly dark place. Assist your friend in finding something that makes them happy. Say a prayer over the phone with them. That's support. Just my two cents. Jelisa ♥️

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