We are the seeds we sow.

I never quite understood those people who do something wrong and feel like they don't deserve the consequences of their actions. Instead of owning up to what they did wrong they make it seem like the devil is against them or someone is trying to hurt them without reason. They steal cookies from the store but blame the devil for tempting them with the cookies. How does that make sense? Or those that have been lying about something and get mad when someone calls them out on the lie....No there isn't a conspiracy against you......you simply lied and we are getting mad because you feel like you were doing us a favor by lying. I just really can't stand those who use religion as a scape goat. Or t

Support-What does that actually mean?

Sitting here at the laundry mat in key west....people watching as always...... Some are staying to watch over their laundry to ensure that no one steals their clothes. Others are dropping their clothes off and leaving, maybe because they have other chores to get done. There is an Hispanic guy in the corner folding cook uniforms. Me being me I inquired about the restaurant he worked for and he informed me that he didn't work at a restaurant. He was simply supporting his sister by helping her with the crew uniforms. It's the least he could do because she sacrificed so much to help him through college. Now that's support. No matter how little the task we may see it as, the fact that he sacrific

Traveling Legacy-Miami

Welcome to MIAMI! I love Miami! Palm trees, beautiful oceans, sandy beaches, gorgeous people, great food, gorgeous people(did I say that twice?) lol. Although, there are certain parts of Miami that you shouldn't visit at night, the daytime views are pretty spectacular. We arrived in Miami and checked into the Embassy Suites near the airport. We usually stay at the Embassy Suites by Hilton no matter what city we are in because they cater to people with families and those who are traveling on a budget. The breakfast is amazing and the happy hour(managers reception) is every night from 5-7. They had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids Sunday morning and Easter activities that Sunday afternoon. The

The Traveling Legacy-Key West

How can an island this small be so mind blowing and beautiful? God's hand and creativity is so evident in this place. Every inch is filled with a sprinkle of beauty here and a sprinkle of God's happy juice there. The locals are simply the best. Every where we go we are offered a smile and suggestions on where we should eat and play. We met a vibrant and vivacious couple at a local restaurant who talked to my mom and I for about an hour. The wife owns a consignment shoppe on Duval Street and the husband is a retired lawyer. The story on how the 70 year old couple managed to leave their fast pace life in the city to move to Key West is very familiar to others that we have talked to.........The

Key largo....slow but steady

Key west....we are coming....it's taking so long because we had to stop in Miami to see some friends....but we are slowly but surely getting to you...I can just taste the key lime pies.... Hey guys I've received a lot of texts and emails asking about our Florida trip!! I promise as soon as I get settled I'm going to update the posts.... Stay tuned my loves.... We are currently crossing the bridge to Key Largo....

Today is the day....First Stop. West Palm Beach

As a lot of you know....I'm uber excited.....It's SPRING break BABY!!!!!! Yeeeaaaaahhhh Boy!!! I'm extremely excited to hit the road and get away for a few days. The kids are all packed up. Matter of fact they have been packed for two weeks. That's how serious we take our vacations. We prepare. 😎. Hair done ✔️ Oil Change ✔️ Report cards(kids with good grades are the only ones allowed) ✔️✔️ Music✔️ Food Destinations✔️ Mom & Sister ✔️ ( wish we had a half check because mom is never ready on time) Snacks ✔️ And the most important item: Bathing Suits ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ We are ready to roll as soon as the kids get out of school. Come my loves and take a journey with us... "I'm coming Florida.....Big

Sweet Peas Please-4 Times to be exact!

Peas. Sweet Peas. Frozen Sweet Peas. Who likes them? I don't. They are odd little balls of squishy yuckiness. I have been the one to always skip on the Peas no matter how they are disguised. Chinese food is a tedious hide and seek challenge when trying to pick them out of my shrimp fried rice. As I was looking around the freezer trying to figure what I wanted to make for you guys....I noticed a pack of frozen sweet Peas. I challenged myself to make some things with sweet peas that you normally wouldn't try. I put Daniell to work and this is what we came up with. Pretty Darn amazing right? And yes my dear that is a sweet pea cake in the back. We will get to that later. Sweet Pea Crostini 2 Cu

Tyre's Birthday-Fred Chason's Grandsons Buffet Ramsey Street

Recently, as a family we started meeting up for dinner to celebrate each other's birthdays. I know that's a normal thing to do in most families but our family is little different. LOL. We all travel a lot and none of us like to sit still. It's a Barrett thing I think. As a whole, I think when my grandmother passed away, we really didn't know how to have a party without her. Quite honestly, we sometimes forget that birthdays are even coming up. We want our family members to feel special and appreciated on their day. So, we let the birthday boy/girl pick dinner and we all join them for their night of celebration. Sometimes, there are 30 of us.....and sometimes there are only 10. Whether big or

Friends....How many of us have them?

Friends, How many of us have them? Ones we can depend on.....talking bout FRIENDS.......LOL. When it's time to get out there and meet new people and be a social butterfly, I run like a scared chicken. I am not the best at meeting new people and having meaningful conversations with people I just meet. So, when people take interest in me and want to hang out....I always give them the disclaimer...."I am not a good friend....I don't always call back....I don't always text back....and yes my dear I break dates at the last minute. LOL. It's not purposely but my business and children have to come first." Despite the warnings and my lack luster communication skills I have some pretty amazing people

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