Hunan Garden....Fayetteville Legend

"Jelisa, sit down in your seat like a young lady." "Lisa , are you really going to eat like that and make nana get on her hands and knees to get this rice off the floor?" "So, you don't know how to eat like a princess." Yes folks, every time we had dinner at Hunan Garden.....every time!!!! grandmother would clean up after us like the restaurant was hers. She would get on her hands and knees, no matter how much her church suit cost, to pickup bits of rice that we spilled. She loved Hunan garden. It was just something about  the place that helped her escape and relax. Hunan Garden has been a regular Sunday and weekday visit for our family since I was 2 or 3 years old. The staff that ru

Be inspired.....Tashia Strong

I seem to find inspiration from so many things. People I know, people I don't know. Today it came from a man I have never met a day in my life. We just happen to be friends on Facebook. I've watched this man stay strong for his wife and son during a tough time. Most people would have dwindled under this kind of pressure. Jeffrey Bush has been by his wife Tashia Young's side through a heavy battle with cancer. He has prayed....he has laughed through his pain.....he has danced through his pain......he has loved through his pain. Their one year old son was always pictured with them smiling and vibrant just like his beautiful mother. Everyday I have looked for his updates on Facebook....hoping t

Moving Forward....Letting Go

Have you ever been stuck? Stuck in a relationship? Stuck in a friendship? Stuck in a job? Stuck on stupid? Lol. Life has a funny way of showing its ugly side when you get comfortable. It's like we should never feel steady...we should never be ok with being okay. I don't know what it seems as though, the good in everything we do day to day brings out a huge devil trying to tear us down. I think that's why the old folks used to say the storm comes after the calm.....when life is too calm you have to be extremely I watch my back like a tiger is about to attack me. I try to stay in church. I try to keep my children prayed over. I try to do the right thing. I try to lov

CityView-Photoshoot-Dorothy's Does Brunch

What's up my peoplessssss!!!! So yesterday we had the pleasure of getting our work snapped by the amazing Mr. Mathew for an upcoming issue of cityview magazine. We scheduled for Tuesday but I had a last minute catering order so I had to call Suzzanne to reschedule for Thursday. Now that worked out perfect but between getting the kids to baseball practice and finishing my work for Snyder I simply forgot to plan my meal out for the photos. So 1 hour before they arrived I zoomed to Harris teeter and walked back and forth for about 10 minutes trying to decide what I wanted to do....I called Daniell and gave her a few thoughts and then I text JT we all agreed upon the ultimate of

Mary Bill's Café and Elbow Room

BLT's....Eggs.....Pasta Salad....Deviled Eggs....Pancakes.....Perfect Sunday Lunch! Mary Bill's Café and Elbow Room is a small eclectic restaurant sitting in a hidden area of Eutaw Shopping Center. As you enter, you walk directly into tables and chairs and the cozy nature reminds you of eating at Grandma's. The cute décor and home-style dining tables invite the young and old for a taste of simple classic American cuisine. I invited my mother along on this food journey. It was the perfect after church spot to catch up on the weekly canard. :) Our waitress was nice and honest. She told us we might not like the chicken salad....but we definitely would like the pancakes. lol We all ordered somet

40 under 40-Enjoy & Savor the moment-Cocktails for the Occasion

The Fayetteville Observer 40 under 40 is a huge deal here. It recognizes the top 40 individuals under 40 years old who are business leaders and outstanding citizens in their community. The awards ceremony is filled with loved ones and close friends, all gathered to see your day in the spotlight. It's a great moment!! I was blessed to receive the award in 2015. I remember the day I received the call that I had been selected as a recipient. I was out shopping for a gown for the Fayetteville Urban Ministry event at the botanical gardens. It was a shock because I had only been in business for 2 years at the time....but it was also a moment to reflect and be thankful for the opportunity that my g

Emotionally Eating & Supporting Local Restaurants-Kinlaw's Grill

I don't know about you but when I am in my feelings all I wanna do is eat. There is something so comforting and fulfilling about eating when you are sad. LOL. I can't be the only one. Please don't call Dr. Phil on me. It's not as bad as it seems. So, it was my pleasure to join my cousin Leander to Kinlaw's Grill today for lunch. Kinlaw's is a family owned and locally operated restaurant and grocery store in Fayetteville, NC. At first glance you would think that the cafeteria style restaurant is just a place for truckers and the working class. That couldn't be further from the truth. Kinlaw's Grill is the local gathering place for all walks of life. Black/White, Rich name it, they

Oriental Trading-Weeknight Meal

Today we are infusing a little Asian into our world of normal. So we are taking this...... And turning it into this....... I know how hard it is to get a meal out on the table during the week but this recipe is simple and quick. You can prep the meat a few days ahead and pull it out when you are ready. Make sure you store the beef in a air tight container and use within a few days. If not, freeze it and use when you are ready. First the marinade for the beef: 1/4 cup olive oil 1/4 cup soy sauce 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce 1/4 cup vinegar 1/4 cup brown sugar 1/2 of a small red onion 2 green onions Mix all of those ingredients together in a bowl. Cut your beef into chunks. I wasn't specific with be

Good Mornin' Y'all-Parenting Woes

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Today is the day that I will conquer the world and my children will behave and my life will be stress free....Yeap, the hopes of every working mom. Being a working parent has to be the hardest job on the planet. You want to be able to attend every practice, every game, every dance class, every awards assembly, every everything but you can't. During the times when I have a function to cater or meeting to go to I depend heavily upon my family to help me get my kids where they need to be or stand in for me when I can't see Jada beat all of the boys in track practice.(yea she's a champ just like her mama....sorry doc) I know I am not alone when I sa

The Traveling Legacy

Lights, Camera, Action! Showtime Baby! We are coming to you live from the ville', Fayetteville that is.... Fayetteville, NC. Yes, I know you probably haven't heard too much about it...but surprisingly we are a few steps away from one of the largest(if not the largest) military bases in the US. The very make up of my city is that of culture.....culture.....and oh yea, more culture. Although, the culture is here, the food you think a city of different ethnicities and races would have iS definitely NOT. We are a melting pot of your standard food chains. It seems as though the city praises large restaurants and standard boring cuisine instead of savoring the tastes of what makes AMErICA freaking

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