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The Traveling Legacy

Lights, Camera, Action! Showtime Baby! We are coming to you live from the ville', Fayetteville that is.... Fayetteville, NC. Yes, I know you probably haven't heard too much about it...but surprisingly we are a few steps away from one of the largest(if not the largest) military bases in the US. The very make up of my city is that of culture.....culture.....and oh yea, more culture. Although, the culture is here, the food you think a city of different ethnicities and races would have iS definitely NOT. We are a melting pot of your standard food chains. It seems as though the city praises large restaurants and standard boring cuisine instead of savoring the tastes of what makes AMErICA freaking AMERICA. The few cultural restaurants we have are not nearly supported like they should be.... Sure, there is nothing wrong with a burger and a good basket of fries but what about Cajun Cuisine, French Cuisine, Jamaican Cuisine, Spanish Cuisine? These cultures and more are what I strive everyday to shine light upon within my catering business. I want my city to know how wonderful stepping out of your comfort zone can taste.

Come and take this journey with my family and I as we travel across the US and shine light upon the different ethnic restaurants and cultures that make us who we are......we are a walking talking legacy....if we don't educate our children......who will? I don't know about you but I love to eat and this is going to be an amazing journey.....

All in all, this blog will consist of recipes, tutorials, experiences and simply a place for me to run my 29 year old mouth without getting in trouble with my gorgeous mother.....yeah peep the pic below.....She is on the right...Beautiful right? That's my little sister in the will meet the rest of the family pretty soon....I can't wait to introduce you to my friends.


Chef Jelisa

Chef Jelisa

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