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Traveling abroad.....Dani's Turn:)

Wednesday, June 28

Beautiful beaches, amazing food, roaring mountains, farmland that goes on as far as the eye can see and cute villages where you can shop until your drop! Can you guess where I am?

CROATIA!! Dobrodosli! (Croatian for Welcome!)

I have been here for two days so far and I am already having the time of my life. Currently, we are staying with my aunt and cousin right outside of Karlovac and Duga Resa. It has been so much fun learning about the traditional foods that are made here. Croatia is known for its strong family values and customs. Many of those customs involve food. Our dinner time routine in Fayetteville is completely different then what they do in Croatia. Although these customs and cuisines are different it's an experience that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Ok so here is the best part of my trip so far: THE FOOD!

In my opinion trying new traditional food is a MUST when going on vacation. All the food we have eaten so far has been made by my Aunt Barka. We have not had the chance to experience the wonderful restaurants in town but my dad says those restaurants have nothing on my aunties cooking. Everything she has made so far has been 5 star.

If you ever find yourself in Croatia sitting at a traditional dinner table you will ALWAYS see:

1. Bread on the table. (homemade baguettes and rolls)

2. Breakfast is usually light and consists of small portions of meat, cheese and bread

3. Diced Cucumbers and tomatoes are always served with each meal and salad is served with vinegar salt & pepper. Forget the Ranch.

4. Food is usually served "buffet style/family style", a full spread is laid across the table every day for dinner

5. USE YOUR HANDS. Knives and forks are secondary.

6. Dessert usually consists of small cookies and Croatian sweets.(chocolate, chocolate, chocolate)

Here are some of my favorite things we have eaten so far!

Breakfast: Palachinka

These are basically thin pancakes or crepes. I love to spread Nutella on mine and then roll it up!

Lunch: Chevapi

This is one of my favorite dishes ever! This is a must try if you ever come to South Eastern Europe. It is grilled meat**lamb, pork, or beef**. Most of the time it is served on bread with onions. IT IS SO GOOD, especially with roasted potatoes.

Dinner: Broccoli Soup, Chicken & Salad

The broccoli soup that I had yesterday is my new favorite soup! It is sooo good. My aunt made it with broccoli fresh from the garden. After we ate the soup we ate the roasted chicken and salad.

Dessert: Vanilla Walnut Crescents

These are absolutely delicious and addictive! They are small crescent shaped cookies with a sweet walnut filling. My grandmother makes them from scratch and brings them to us every time she comes to visit! My sister goes crazy over those things!

Croatia is an amazing place. I am so blessed to have family here that I can come visit. You will never get bored because there is so much to see and do! The coast is gorgeous. Beautiful blue water and crisp green farmland. Make sure you put Croatia on your list of must see destinations. You won't regret it!

Hope you guys enjoyed listening about my trip to Croatia!



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