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We are the seeds we sow.

I never quite understood those people who do something wrong and feel like they don't deserve the consequences of their actions. Instead of owning up to what they did wrong they make it seem like the devil is against them or someone is trying to hurt them without reason. 

They steal cookies from the store but blame the devil for tempting them with the cookies. How does that make sense? Or those that have been lying about something and get mad when someone calls them out on the lie....No there isn't a conspiracy against simply lied and we are getting mad because you feel like you were doing us a favor by lying.

I just really can't stand those who use religion as a scape goat. Or those who say Im not perfect but god blesses me if to excuse the wrong you just did. Yes, you are Gods child but that doesn't excuse the act of wrong you just committed. God gives us Grace. He knows we are human and we sin daily but we should always strive to be better daily. He knows our hearts and he blesses the good seeds we sow.

You can't commit sins 5 out of 7 hours and expect God to bless you abundantly during the remaining two hours. He may show you grace but those bad seeds you are planting are going to come up somewhere else if they haven't already.

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