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Inspirational Women-Dedication to International Women's Day

Be a lady.

Be a wife.

Raise your kids.

Cook dinner.

You can't work long nights.

You can't do this. You can't do that.

I'm sorry folks. Women can do it all. As a child, my grandmother would tell my cousins and I, "You guys can be anything that you want to be, as long as you are the best at what you do." "If you want to be a doctor, be the best doctor you can." "If you want to be a lawyer, be the best lawyer you can." If you want to be a bum, you better be the best bum you can be." lol Although, I didn't quite understand what she meant then, I definitely do now. No matter what race, or color women can and ARE breaking barriers that were once thought unachievable.

My grandmother, my mother, my aunts...... all phenomenal women. They have raised amazing women and I am extremely blessed to call them family.

Having a daughter of my own has opened my eyes tremendously about being a positive role model. She is watching my every move with those big 'ol brown eyes and I have to be extremely cautious as to what she is exposed too. A lot of people think that Fayetteville is small and there isn't a lot of talent here. Sorry folks, you are wrong there too. Instead of showing her people on TV, I am proud to say that there are phenomenal women who reside here in this All American City.

I am honestly proud to say that I was born and raised in a city with such amazing women. We are changing the world right from my hometown.

I can tell my Jada Pooh that we have a woman who is chief of the Fayetteville Police Department. We have women judges who are phenomenal. We have women who are advocating for the less fortunate through non profits all around the city. Women are rocking out food in the culinary world such as Edna over at Elite Catering or the beauty Turks Von who owns Bowls on a Roll. Fayetteville is amazing but it wouldn't be the powerhouse that it is without the hard work and dedication of the women that are the back bones of our city.

Ladies, grab your little girls. Look them in the eye and tell them, "YES YOU CAN." Look around you, there is inspiration right next door

Just my two cents. *proceeds to flip hair*

Just Lisa

If we aren't serving, I don't know what we are doing. #NoDeadWeightTour.

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