Traveling abroad.....Dani's Turn:)

Wednesday, June 28 Beautiful beaches, amazing food, roaring mountains, farmland that goes on as far as the eye can see and cute villages where you can shop until your drop! Can you guess where I am? CROATIA!! Dobrodosli! (Croatian for Welcome!) I have been here for two days so far and I am already having the time of my life. Currently, we are staying with my aunt and cousin right outside of Karlovac and Duga Resa. It has been so much fun learning about the traditional foods that are made here. Croatia is known for its strong family values and customs. Many of those customs involve food. Our dinner time routine in Fayetteville is completely different then what they do in Croatia. Although the

Food Truck Wednesday Anyone?

If you don't know by now....I love food and I love supporting local food. Yes, I have my own catering business but why not support and promote others? I think that if we as foodies/food industry people don't stick together then we are definitely doing ourselves a disservice. How self absorbent would I be not to give credit where credit is due?*rant over* :) Anywhoo, We noticed several people posting pics and tags that referenced a Food Truck Rally during lunch time at Festival Park. You know I jumped on it.....but I jumped on it on the wrong day. I went downtown on a Thursday looking for trucks and I found only one at the Systel building downtown. I was highly disappointed. :( So, I did a li

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