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Moving Forward....Letting Go

Have you ever been stuck? Stuck in a relationship? Stuck in a friendship? Stuck in a job? Stuck on stupid? Lol. Life has a funny way of showing its ugly side when you get comfortable. It's like we should never feel steady...we should never be ok with being okay. I don't know what it seems as though, the good in everything we do day to day brings out a huge devil trying to tear us down.

I think that's why the old folks used to say the storm comes after the calm.....when life is too calm you have to be extremely I watch my back like a tiger is about to attack me. I try to stay in church. I try to keep my children prayed over. I try to do the right thing. I try to love unconditionally but it's tough.

I was stuck in a situation at one point in my life that caused me to gain caused me to stress to the point where my hair was falling out....but I was faithful to this situation. I thought that no matter what as long as I worked hard and as long as I kept positive that everything would work out. But boy was I day everything just fell apart. I was shattered. I was heart broken. I felt worthless. I didn't feel good enough. Although I wasn't comfortable in the situation I was comfortable with being somewhere I wasn't supposed to be. God showed me a light and instead of going the other direction towards the light I kept trying to fix an unworthy situation.

God puts things and people in our worlds to test and to make us smarter and tougher. You can learn so much from people and situations. But we also have to learn to let go. 

When god closed that door and I was strong enough to walk away God opened up a position in my life soon after that.'s still not easy to let the past go but everyday it's gets easier and everyday you can breathe a little better.

I know there are days when you think you can't move an inch. I know there are days when you feel like life can't go on. I know there are days when you feel like there is nothing else to live for....but there is. That situation in your life made you a better person. Keep pressing....keep believing and understanding that there is better.....God won't put too much on you. You got it. You are strong. It's ok to let go.

I promise. 

Jelisa ❤️

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