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Hunan Garden....Fayetteville Legend

"Jelisa, sit down in your seat like a young lady." "Lisa , are you really going to eat like that and make nana get on her hands and knees to get this rice off the floor?" "So, you don't know how to eat like a princess." Yes folks, every time we had dinner at Hunan Garden.....every time!!!! grandmother would clean up after us like the restaurant was hers. She would get on her hands and knees, no matter how much her church suit cost, to pickup bits of rice that we spilled. She loved Hunan garden. It was just something about  the place that helped her escape and relax. Hunan Garden has been a regular Sunday and weekday visit for our family since I was 2 or 3 years old. The staff that runs the place now is different but before we were always greeted by name and with a hug.

As an honor to my grandmother we decided to go to Hunan Garden after church on Sunday to reminisce and give you all an idea of what they are all about. 

Hunan Garden is a Chinese restaurant with lots of flavor that is not diluted with American style food like some Chinese restaurants are now a days. They aren't serving you chicken wings and French fries. They serve authentic and fresh Chinese cuisine that will having you coming back for more. Fayetteville has supported Hunan Garden for years because it has been consistently good. Nothing has changed about the place except the color of the bathroom walls. :)

The same two birds have stood in the walk way all of my life. Lol

We ordered our favorite dishes and ate our crunchy appetizer as we waited.

Honey these little crispy morsels are best accompanied with the egg drop soup. Now nanas favorite was the hot and sour soup but nothing is better than the egg drop soup. It's thick yellow and gooey texture is great for a cold day or get well broth.

We tried the sesame chicken which was made with all white meat chicken and a hefty portion of steamed rice and broccoli.

My moms favorite is the chicken and shrimp combination.

This dish has a great balance of sweet heat mixed in lots of veggies and a nice portion of shrimp and chicken.

I didn't get to take a picture but the chicken lettuce wraps was what I ordered and they were really fresh. I loved the contrast of the cold lettuce and the warm ground chicken.

We ended the meal with a pot of hot tea and laughed at the memories we shared in good old Hunan Garden. Guess who was picking rice up off the floor this time? Lol.

They deliver now which is a plus and they also take online orders.

They are open everyday from 11:00-9:30.

Vegetarians are more than welcome!! They have plenty of options for you!!

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