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Be inspired.....Tashia Strong

I seem to find inspiration from so many things. People I know, people I don't know. Today it came from a man I have never met a day in my life. We just happen to be friends on Facebook. I've watched this man stay strong for his wife and son during a tough time. Most people would have dwindled under this kind of pressure. 

Jeffrey Bush has been by his wife Tashia Young's side through a heavy battle with cancer. He has prayed....he has laughed through his pain.....he has danced through his pain......he has loved through his pain. Their one year old son was always pictured with them smiling and vibrant just like his beautiful mother.

Everyday I have looked for his updates on Facebook....hoping that Tashia(a woman I have never met) would beat cancers butt. It was like watching a movie hoping the main character would make it because you can see how much they love each other and you want them to have a happily ever after. You want the story book ending and I think a lot of people wanted to celebrate a win. A few weeks ago he posted that she was undergoing a bone marrow transplant....I think all of my friends would agree that we thought this was the cure. This was going to be the procedure that would fix it all. 

A sea of Tashia Strong posts flooded my timeline. So many people supported them by changing their profile pictures to Tashia Strong. I know Jeff and Tashia's family felt the support and prayers. Tears flooded my eyes every time I read a post from the supporters......Tashia was loved by many. There were days that I would see her picture on facebook and my day was brightened by her beautiful smile. Her smile was simply gorgeous. A radiant beam of light. There was no way you could look at Tashia and not instantly feel better.

As a mother, you couldn't imagine being in Tashia's shoes. Having to raise your infant in a hospital bed. Having to watch him play in a hospital room. Watching him grow.....while hooked to machines and going through the pains of chemo. Not knowing what's next....not knowing what tomorrow will bring. But this family stayed strong. I never saw a negative post or rant. I always saw positivity and smiles. This family brought together a community. Even under these conditions it was amazing to see so many Fayetteville citizens come together. They supported this family through prayer and words of encouragement. 

Unfortunately, a few nights ago....Tashia lost her battle with cancer. A husband has lost a wife......A son has lost a mother......A mother has lost a daughter.....A community has lost a friend. The news struck my heart. I know that if I felt so hurt by learning that a woman I have never met passed away then I know that this family is hurting beyond measure right now. 

If this moment didn't teach me anything else, it taught me that we need to be grateful for everyday we have on this earth. We need to appreciate the ones we have around us. Hug your loved ones a little tighter and love a little harder. We need to all be inspired by this family's story. Fayetteville is Tashia Strong. 

Be inspired!

Jelisa ❤️

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