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CityView-Photoshoot-Dorothy's Does Brunch

What's up my peoplessssss!!!! So yesterday we had the pleasure of getting our work snapped by the amazing Mr. Mathew for an upcoming issue of cityview magazine. We scheduled for Tuesday but I had a last minute catering order so I had to call Suzzanne to reschedule for Thursday. Now that worked out perfect but between getting the kids to baseball practice and finishing my work for Snyder I simply forgot to plan my meal out for the photos.

So 1 hour before they arrived I zoomed to Harris teeter and walked back and forth for about 10 minutes trying to decide what I wanted to do....I called Daniell and gave her a few thoughts and then I text JT we all agreed upon the ultimate of the things that we have perfected is Brunch....... Dorothy's does BRUnCH and we do it WELL.

Mrs. Ann Made some garlic biscuits!!! Yum yum yum! Honey those biscuits were so dag on good. I'm on a diet right now so I only ate one this

We made French toast! Added a little grapefruit and tomato to our arugula salad!

We sautéed some spinach, collards & onions and fried up a pretty T-bone steak......You can't have a brunch without steak!!! A nice filet would have been a great choice as well.

We spruced up our already amazing shrimp and grits with some Spanish peppers and bacon! Man oh man can you say delicious!!

Aunt Janice and Daniell put down the finishing touches and we turned a few hours into 30 minutes to prepare a picture worthy meal. The Ultimate Brunch!

Oh yeah baby....

We did indeed share the meal with everyone! So no guys I didn't eat it all by myself this time...:)

Chef Jelisa

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