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Good Mornin' Y'all-Parenting Woes

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Today is the day that I will conquer the world and my children will behave and my life will be stress free....Yeap, the hopes of every working mom. Being a working parent has to be the hardest job on the planet. You want to be able to attend every practice, every game, every dance class, every awards assembly, every everything but you can't. During the times when I have a function to cater or meeting to go to I depend heavily upon my family to help me get my kids where they need to be or stand in for me when I can't see Jada beat all of the boys in track practice.(yea she's a champ just like her mama....sorry doc) I know I am not alone when I say the struggle is REal....we struggle with taking on too much versus saying to hell with things and just tell every responsibility we have to kick rocks because our babies need us. But the truth of the matter is that although our heart aches when we feel like our kids need us and that it hurts even worse when they have a hard time with something........they will be okay. It is ok to LET GO just a tad and stop being control freaks. Opening our mouths and asking for help is all that we need to do. There was a time when I felt like I was literally drowning and my family would say Jelisa let us help...and me being me....I was too prideful to even admit that I needed help. It took my beloved Tahoe to break down on the highway..i-95 to be exact, my kids and I being stranded on the way to Lumberton for me to realize I might need to actually let my family help me sometimes. The key is too not take advantage and appreciate every special person in your life. If people are coming to help you that means they are sacrificing something within their lives in order to help you out.

For those days that you finally have a moment to breathe and you want to do something nice for those that are a blessing in your is the key. Go to the dollar tree and get his/her favorite snacks and make them a nice and CHEAP goodie basket. The smallest gestures go the longest way. If you have even more time make them a meal and invite them over to the house for dinner or a Saturday afternoon lunch.

Life is short. The older I get the more I realize how important quality relationships are.....we may not ever be the best parents in the world but having a loving village around our children will push them to be better individuals as well.

Just my two cents.

Chef Jelisa

My Village.....

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