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Traveling Legacy-Miami

Welcome to MIAMI! I love Miami! Palm trees, beautiful oceans, sandy beaches, gorgeous people, great food, gorgeous people(did I say that twice?) lol. Although, there are certain parts of Miami that you shouldn't visit at night, the daytime views are pretty spectacular.

We arrived in Miami and checked into the Embassy Suites near the airport. We usually stay at the Embassy Suites by Hilton no matter what city we are in because they cater to people with families and those who are traveling on a budget. The breakfast is amazing and the happy hour(managers reception) is every night from 5-7. They had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids Sunday morning and Easter activities that Sunday afternoon. The staff is full of culture. Each name tag states where each employee is from....

As soon as we checked in we unloaded and headed to the downtown area to find some food. We were pleasantly surprised by the selection, there was everything from Cuban to Italian to Classic European Cuisine. Something for everyone. We did indeed dabble in the Spanish cuisine but the one spot that caught our eye was on the opposite side of the culinary world. French.

FreshKO is an amazing fresh and scratch kitchen in downtown Miami. At first glance, we thought the the bistro was a little too fancy for a country Carolina family like ourselves due to the men and women dressed in $1000.00 suits sitting at the outside tables. Those men looked liked they just stepped foot out of Miami Vice or something. They smelled like money. lol. The waitress assured us that we were dressed appropriately and that the menu was reasonably priced.

CREPES!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh emmmmmm GEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing honey! Amazing. Gosh they were so frickin good!! Jada ordered the oreo crepes and they were absolutely divine. If you could have seen the way my baby was eating those crepes, you would have sworn she hadn't eaten in years.

My Italian sandwich wasn't the best but every piece of meat was fresh sliced and made to order!

Mom and Danielle tried to be extra adventurous and they decided to order the quinoa and avocado salad. But the tuna melt in pita bread was uuuuuuhhhhhhmazing. Truly good. It could really go neck to neck with Mrs. Ann's tuna salad.

Each entrée was served with a side of spring mix and the house made balsamic vinaigrette. I loved the tuna tar tar. We were able to watch him cut the fresh tuna and avocado before serving it to us. This made us fall in love even more.

We absolutely loved our food! The service was great, the meal was reasonably priced and you can't beat just being in Miami.


228 Southeast 1st Street

Miami, Florida 33131

Check them out on your next Miami visit!

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